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COVID -19 

This has been a difficult time for pain management and massage clients as well as myself as I wish nothing more than to continue to service.  It is exciting to be announcing Thera-Med Massage will be re-opening its doors as of August 1, 2020!!  In order to create an environment that is comfortable and safe for all concerned, I have made the following adjustments in the office to ensure maximum comfort and ease.  

1. ALL surfaces are sprayed down with 90% rubbing alcohol and left to dry. From what I understand, this is the most effective  way of killing virus and bacteria that could cause sickness.  

2. I have extended time between clients from 30 minutes to 45 minutes to allow for thorough cleaning and that clients do not overlap into my small waiting area. To ensure, overlap does not occur, I will lock front door for each session. Please do not show up early.

3. All linens are laundered in HOT water with 1/4 cup bleach (normal practice).  

4.  One day (24 hours) prior to appointment, your reminder will have a COVID-19 pre-screen, Our appointment is confirmed when you check that you agree and confirm to the terms of the form.  

5. I too will be monitoring myself with daily temperature and monitoring myself in terms of symptoms.  

6. I am providing hand towels for the restrooms so that you do not have to touch the door handles and are able to wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

7. I have hand sanitizer pump available  at the water table where hand towels and bathroom keys are located.   I spray the bathroom keys with alcohol between each client.

8. Payments will be paid by cash in person and if by card I am offering to send an invoice prior to appointment for pre-payment should this be preferred. I wipe my phone down between each client with an alcohol wipe to ensure it is sanitized for use as I take payment via square in the office.

9.  If you are a client that purchases "packages"  YOUR RATE WILL REMAIN THE SAME however; I am no longer offering packages meaning, purchase the number of sessions you will utilize in one month and we can set that up through a recurring invoice for your convenience or auto deduction through Paypal/Square. 

10.  For now, I have modified my schedule to keep the number of clients per week reduced. I will adapt as needed adding in more hours based on demand.

Finally, My goal is to serve my clients with the best of what I have to offer.  It is always most important to me that my clients feel and are safe and their goals are achieved.  I have missed being present and being a participant in others life transformations.  It is important to have open and clear communication during all transactions so that we are each left feeling good about our experience together.  I look forward to seeing you and working with you as you become ready to receive massage. 

Please join me at

I am looking to focus on (still in the works!):

Stress Management & Stretching - for those of you working from home

However; I can assist in a variety of ways to bring hope, comfort and wellness to you while in your homes including coordinating with other providers to do little informational talks

Best Wishes!


Be safe, aware and prepared!