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Changing lives in a meaningful way; for continuous improvement of physical freedom from pain!



Whats Your Plan for 2018

Posted by [email protected] on January 19, 2018 at 12:20 AM

Happy New Year!

I hope that you had a wonderful 2017 and are excited about an even better 2018! I want to take a moment to talk about New Year resolutions and how they always fail because they are not based in measurable attainable thought. They are just listed or stated and then off into life you go! Right? Every January, most people have Health somewhere at the top of their list to improve. One of the most left out parts of the health equation is self care.

What is the self care that I am addressing today? It is the part least considered when one ponders “self care.” Usually, it is thought of diet, working out, sleeping more, and work less hours take a longer vacation, etc. These are great and most are important. However; What about stress, muscle tension and even physical aches and pains? What do you do to manage these areas? Do you do anything at all?

Did you know that by addressing stress, tension and nagging physical pain you will naturally begin to get more energy, sleep more restfully and have fewer headaches? Take a moment to check in with yourself:

• Do you wake up in the morning sore or stiff?

• Does your low back ache throughout the day or while sitting long periods of time?

• Do you feel stress and tension even pain in your mid back, neck and shoulders?

• How frequently do you get headaches and how long do they last? How Severe?

• Do you grind your teeth or clinch your jaw?

• Do your hips get tight and achy?

If you experience any of these symptoms, I can help you! I have 5 openings this month for a free consultation. We will discuss your physical issues, daily activities, work and anything else that may be attributing to your discomfort. Consultations are about 30 minutes.

These 5 openings are for those whom are serious about making a commitment to self care. If you know someone whom has been looking for solutions to their discomfort or pain – Please share this! Let’s make 2018 about being pain free!

These openings will fill quickly!

Please Call (480) 553–2598 or Emailto: [email protected]

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