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Changing lives in a meaningful way; for continuous improvement of physical freedom from pain!

Injury  &  Pain Relief 


Welcome to Thera-Med Massage, HTTM, LLC. My massage approach is intuition meets modality. What this means is I work from an intuitive state while incorporating best practices in deep tissue massage, myofascial release massage and restorative massage. I love what I do, it is the best reward to watch people transform from debilitating pain back into the life they love and doing the activities they love.

If you are looking for a professional Medical/Therapeutic treatment that is tailored to your exact needs, you ​have found yourself in the right place as we work together to custom design a treatment plan that maximizes your pain relief, healing and brings you to feeling balanced and well! 

Specializing in relieving Pain and​ tension in the Neck, shoulders, low back and hips as well as help increase range of motion.

We, you and I, approach your goals as a team. By working together through a treatment plan and education; we can achieve result levels that may not have seemed possible. Working with selected candidates that are invested and committed to their health and wellness.


"Leah is very skilled at finding and addressing whatever areas of muscular tension I might have. Every visit leaves me feeling 100% better than when I arrived. Each member of our household has benefited from Leah's massage techniques for relief of pain, stress and muscular tension." Dawn B.

"I've being seeing Leah for deep tissue massages in my neck and shoulder to try and get feeling back in my arms and hands after a car accident 2 years ago. She has really helped me gain feeling and movement back. I still have a lot of pain so I still need a lot of work. she really did locate the problem areas and has been working the muscles and bringing me great relief. " Dannette F.

"Leah is amazing! Always look forward to getting a massage from her. She has helped me to be pain free." Marisol S.

"Leah is hands down the best masseuse I've ever experienced. She is extremely great at reading your body. I now continue to see Leah, & highly recommend her!!" Caitlin H. 

"Leah is Amazing I have lived in AZ for a few Years now and have been to dozens of massage therapist Nothing compares to Leah.. She's the Best she has Hands of Magic ... " Yolly B.

"She really helps you get out of pain and "heal you"...not just give you a rub down to relax you for a while. If you need help then go here!" Tricia