Changing lives in a meaningful way; for continuous improvement of physical freedom from pain!

Thank You for Your Service and Sacrifice!!!
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As Service Men and Women, you give great sacrifice for the citizens of our great nation!  You not only put your life on the line when called to service state side and abroad, your family takes great sacrifice as well. Not everyone has the courage or desire to step forward to protect people you don't know.  

Veterans are always a client where addressing soft tissue trauma also helps them address service trauma, reducing the physical pain left from their service. helps calm the mind and give greater freedom in their daily activity with reduced pain in their bodies.

Part of my gratitude and appreciation for what that means and takes. I offer active Military, Veteran, Police and Fire men and woman special rates.  Self care is not a luxury, your jobs impact the body and mind at a level not of any other profession or service.  

**ID is required**

Individual Treatment Session

Can be any of the services I offer under services (A 20% Savings)


Treatment Packages that can be purchased only after initial treatment session. These packages are intended for clients who are committed to the benefits of frequency of massage treatment: 


  • greater reduction of headaches
  • stress/tension
  • reduction of intensity of chronic pain.

3 treatment package $162

(Additional Savings of 25% )

Must be used within 60 days

6 treatment package $270

(Additional Savings of 30%)

Must be used within 90 days

Packages are offered to enhance longevity of treatment