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Stress Management Package

When you’re under severe or chronic stress, massage can be a fast and effective way of breaking the vicious stress cycle. Massage triggers a relaxation response. This response counters the stress response and helps your body restore its balance.

As the massage progresses and the relaxation response kicks in you’ll find that your breathing deepens. Your heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Muscles start to relax as tension is gently kneaded out of your muscles. Painful sensations gradually subside. Your mind is also affected as you focus on the pleasant sensations instead of your worries. Your feelings of anxiety decrease and your mood improves, possibly through the release of hormones called endorphin's.

Although the relaxation effects of massage are immediate, the real benefits come when you use massage on a regular basis. Research has demonstrated that as you get more frequent massage, the effects become more pronounced and more long lasting. Repeatedly experiencing the deep relaxation with massage helps you retain the feeling of relaxation through your daily activities. Massage also makes you more aware of sensations in your body allowing you to notice more subtle signs of stress and tension. Heed these early warning signs and you can take control of your stress before it takes over your life.

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