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Please read in full prior to scheduling your appointment - Practice Policies are enforced 

  1. All clients will be treated with the dignity, respect and compassion regardless of race, creed, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation and personal beliefs.
  2. Therapist will only treat clients within their scope of practice. Therapist will refer client to a specialist for treatments outside the scope of practice of the therapist.
  3. Therapist will not over treat any client at anytime.
  4. Therapist is fully trained and certified in the area of therapeutic practice.
  5. The full amount for service will be assessed for no show or same day cancellation, including the loss of a session purchased in a pre-paid package. A minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellation.
  6. Unless treatment can be provided client clothed, the client will be fully and properly draped at all times with the only the area being treated exposed.
  7. Thera-Med Massage, HTTM, LLC is a legitimate medical and therapeutic massage practice and does not offer sexual services, acts or favors to its clients. Thera-Med Massage, HTTM, LLC will always treat clients in a respectful and appropriate manner. Sexual misconduct is not tolerated.
  8. Therapist and client will be clean, scent/odor free, and drug/alcohol free.
  9. If Client smells of alcohol or appears to be intoxicated, the session will not be provided. This is for the safety of the client. The determination is at the therapists’ discretion.
  10. All linens will be clean and freshly laundered and changed between each client.
  11. Therapists will be punctual and begin all sessions at the scheduled time. If a therapist is late for a session, the client will receive the full treatment time for which they are scheduled.
  12. Therapist will have current licenses from the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy.
  13. All client information is kept confidential as required by HIPAA Rules and Standards. Client information is kept locked at all time when not in use. Only the client, or the parent or legal guardian of an underage client, may request information be shared for forwarded, such as to a health care professional through a signed medical/document release consent.
  14. Client records are kept for a period of seven years as set forth by law. After that time they are properly destroyed.
  15. Thera-Med Massage, HTTM, LLC will work with you, your health care professional, and your family members and/or care giver in developing a treatment plan which is geared towards your specific personal and medical needs. It is our goal to provide our clients with the latest techniques and protocols developed through research and evidence based massage, in their treatment plan development.